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Cardiff City 0 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers.

A few news headlines this week, and not just in the South Wales papers. A late shocker from Hudson meaning defeat at Molineux and that shocking news that maybe Tan’s sacking of Malky Mackay shouldn’t have been so controversial.

We’ll start with the match, and (for the first half at least) not a great showing from the Bluebirds today. A change in the team line up again from Ole Gunnar. From my perspective, this is quite understandable. The more frequent matches meaning that we have to shuffle players around to try and keep everybody as fresh as possible. A lot of the fans on the social media pages though are blaming the loss on the changes and on Ole and Vincent Tan personally. More on that later.

The first half opened quite badly for Cardiff. With Wolves having pretty much the run of things during the first 45 minutes. There were some daring runs made but, even though the Wolverhampton keeper Ikeme was only really troubled once, by a near miss from newcomer Morrisson. Marshall also had his share of work to do with a Header from Goldbourne was similarly knocked just wide. There were a couple of daring runs here and there, including  Le Fondre run which was an exemplary one man effort over a whole half of the field.

With the first half belonging firmly to Wolves, the Bluebirds at least came back a little to make the second half a little more even. Both teams had some great efforts and though there seemed to be some good movement and a few good shots from the likes of Kenwyn Jones and Whittingham, the Wolverhampton goalkeeper and the defense managed to shut the team out. Then disaster, with a Wolves cross in the 91st minute, a botched clearance from Hudson found the back of his own net. One nil to the wanderers and no real chance for Cardiff to get back into it.

While there were some promising movements from the blues (and yes, they were back in blue for this one) it has to be said that Wolves were the ones in charge here. As a League One side, they are looking superb for the season this year and hopefully will be the same wonderful challenge when they visit the Cardiff city Stadium for the return leg in February next year. As it is my birthday around that time, I might see if I can get there myself. It’s sure to be an exciting one.

With this result, Wolves go to 4th in the league while Cardiff slip down to 8th. Not the end of the world.

Which is the opposite of the opinions you will be getting from social media fans at the moment. Baying for blood is one phrase which is quite appropriate. I think they’re wrong. There are folks calling for Ole’s resignation. after one defeat really? Let’s not forget that int he 12/13 season at this stage, we had the exact same results and position. Two wins a draw and a loss, holding in 8th. That season was the one which saw us promoted to the Premier League. Is it really necessary to start throwing around accusations? I think not. I think it’s time for us to try our best to stop the blame game and instead rally behind the club. It’s not the end of the world, let’s get ready to take the game to fellow Premier League dropouts Fulham on Saturday.

  • Steven Truong

    Good in depth analysis of the match and the current situation at old trafford. Utd definately need at least another 3 players so have any realistic chance of challenging for the league title and by players I mean prove world class players who can come in and go straight on the team sheet. Someone like Fabregas who has had a great pre season for Chelsea and on his debut last night made 2 assists and already looks like he has been in that Chelsea side for years. Utd have signed Hererra and shaw, both raw talents with limitless potential however not yet title winning calibre. With a front trio that consists of Rooney, RVP and mata, we simply need 2 defenders and a midfield player who can do that Roy keane role and control that midfield so the front 3 can do what they do best. Vidal, hummels and blind would definately do the job. Perhaps if holland hadn’t reached the World Cup final van gaal would have had more time to acquire more signings however he has left very late and whoever he brings in between now and end of the month needs to be someone that is straight on the team sheet otherwise it’s going to be another long long season for utd fans

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  • Elliot Figueira

    That picture…. too funny. Team Fruity? hahaha
    His smile says it all, it’s the “I don’t care, I got a big fat paycheque for doing this” smile.

    • Jen Pizzolo

      You are exactly right, Elliot. I took the picture in the super market right after I screamed.

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