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Dydd Llun Te 2014-08-25

Well… It’s been a week hasn’t it. A win in a tight game against Wigan, a loss in a tough game against a competitive Wolves side and a lot more news headlines than you’d expect from a team in the Championship… I think by now we’ve all heard the news of the ex Cardiff manager and his aide Ian Moody


Before we get into the heart of the matter, if you missed out on the two games in the last week the GSO Cardiff City match reports can be found HERE for Wigan and HERE for Wolves… You can also find a quick bit of info on why I’m happy to be in the premiership this season, just HERE. Don’t say we never do anything for you.

So, Wednesday last week the ex Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay was all set to be announced as the new manager for Premier League side Crystal Palace. You can imagine that his old friend from our blue shores Ian Moody was all set to welcome him and get back to business as usual, of sorts at least.

That was, until Cardiff dropped a bombshell into the public domain. Text messages between Malky and Moody (which we shan’t grace with more air time here) and other members of staff which cover really all of the discriminatory bases. Sexism, Sexuality and Racism were all brought into play. And with the Racism brush, you can bet there were words said about Mr Vincent Tan.

According to an official statement by the Bluebirds,

“The LMA is the representative voice of managers, and whilst we understand it seeks to act in the best interests of its members, one of its major aims is to “encourage honourable practice, conduct and courtesy in all professional activity”. Regrettably, we feel that the LMA has done no such thing in its representation of Mr Mackay and Mr Moody.”

(if you want the full statement, find that just HERE).

Some are even questioning why this has only come to light the day before Malky was named as the manager for a new club. Even some Cardiff City fans themselves are mentioning this, though it seems that these folks haven’t read the club’s statement properly or fully.

“That the LMA has sought to criticise the Club for the timing of the report to the FA is preposterous, because the offensive communications have been in the knowledge and possession of the LMA for many months. When the messages came to light, over three months ago, the Club strongly encouraged and advised Mr Moody and Mr Mackay to deal with the issue directly with the FA.

It was made clear to them, and their LMA appointed lawyers, that the nature of the communications meant the Club was under a duty to report their findings to the FA if they did not take appropriate action themselves. Nevertheless, with the backing of the LMA, Mr Moody and Mr Mackay chose to do nothing.”

So, a bit of a boy’s club at the old LMA it would seem and many would think that Vincent Tan could be forgiven, and indeed exhalted, for letting Malky go without a word of this to the press at the time. Only making this public knowledge after months of inactivity from Malky, Moody or the LMA themselves.

But even worse, to me, is again all over the Bluebird’s social media pages. While some are decrying the old boys for this appalling sequence of messages (myself included), many, many more are saying it’s just a joke, get over it…

I notice a lot of those folks are straight white males… and while it is understandable that perhaps they can’t fully empathise with the nature of this discrimination, you would have though that after reading the messages they could at least think on it. Try to imagine it from another’s point of view… Unfortunately, it seems, Homophobia, Sexism and Racism are a part of life now, and we should just let these lads have their joke and get on with it… and that, to me, is appalling.

ShrtI hope that this spotlight on things comes to highlight the issues inherent in football these days. There should be no prejudice against anybody in this world because of the amount of pigment in their skin, their place of birth, which set of genitals they happen to have or which sets of genitals they are attracted to. It genuinely saddens me that there are still people in this world who have no sense of empathy… The efforts to kick racism out of football have been ongoing for years, maybe we need to broaden the horizons, and step it up a gear.

I don’t think that their lives should be over. Their actions (and inaction), should not cause their families hardship. BUT I do think it’s good that Mackay has agreed to go on a sensitivity course. It’s not the end of the road by a long way, but it’s a good start. The main trouble is, I believe, that the people who are doling out the abuse genuinely don’t know they’re in the wrong, and I think it should be the main goal of the FA to prove to them that they are.

It’s not just up to the FA though… it’s up to you as well. Together, we can end this.

  • FrankDLaw

    Brilliantly analysed and written. Interestingly, Mr Tan was advised by an insensed football fan and former prosecutor, Ann Park to undertake the forensic examination of the digital and paper trails left by the two over the player transfers. I’m reproducing Ms Park’s interesting comments in other blogs in full:

    “In truth, the poor owner was no match for this devious duo. Using civil language to describe the duo’s misdeeds, the owner, probably advised by his PR consultants, thought it fit to use diplomatic and euphemistic language, describing the player transfer sums as ‘overspending’ instead of ‘bung’. The intent was honorable but it was sadly, overly charitable and misguided in dealing with 2 motivated adversaries who used their press contacts to feed mistruths and little leakages from the dressing room. It was all calculated to paint Vincent Tan as an erratic, eccentric and unreasonable man. The press and the fans took it in hook, line and sinker, and parodied the owner with unflattering epithets, such as, inter alia, ‘ Bond villian’!

    The current opprobrium befalling Mackay and Moody, will ultimately prove to have been just the physical equivalent of having their faces thrashed with a wet tissue, compared to what they will have to face further down the track as the sheer enormity of their misdeeds are unravelled, as events will subsequently prove. Many of Mackay’s defenders have alluded to the prevalence of bung payments to other high profile managers. However, the fact that other more illustrious managers have put their hands in the till before does not justify what happened in Cardiff City FC. They too would have been run out of town if their misdeeds were discovered during their tenure as managers, toxic wrath or not!

    I can now reveal that as a football fan and former prosecutor, I had written to Mr Tan detailing the actions he should take and which he subsequently pursued to clear his name; actions such as the forensic examination of the digital and paper trail relating to the player transfers, all of which is playing out before our eyes. If you read the Daily Mail’s initial report carefully, you’d find that perilously and portentously for the duo, 100% commissions to nominee agents and other unsavory payments, some futilely disguised with twisted pretzel-like financial acrobatics have been unearthed. I was not a stakeholder but my sense of fair play had been violated by the unwarranted odium, contempt and villification visited upon a man who had done so much for Cardiff City FC by the club’s fans and the media, both cleverly manipulated by the duo.

    I was insensed that the fans and media continued to denigrate a man who chose to use polite and euphemistic terms like ‘overspending the budget’ when it was patently obvious that the player transfers were anything but kosher and much more precise language could and should have been used to describe the transactions!

    What should be more disconcerting and ominous to the duo is the fact that Cardiff’s London law firm Mishcon de Reya has retained the services of Sir Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions, to advise as to whether there is a case of fraud to be answered and a criminal complaint filed? If you care to read the initial Daily Mail report carefully, 100% commissions to nominee agents and other unsavory financial activities involving player transfers that resemble twisted pretzel financial schemes rather than regular financial transactions have been uncovered.

    Finally, whether Mr Tan had acted on my or others’ behest and advise is irrelevant. Suffice it to note that justice will eventually be served, shaking the wrongdoers like fishes!”

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