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For Better, or Worse. ‘Til Death Do We Part

Last year was a rough old season for Cardiff City. Furor still surrounding Vincent Tan for his re-branding of the team, his (at the time) controversial sacking of Malky Mackay, and some questionable signings. This is not to mention the slow slide down the table and making ourselves a comfortable little den in the relegation zone.

So you’d think that the start we’ve had to the Championship season so far would kick up a bright and breezy atmosphere around the Welsh capitol. If laughter is the best medicine then, like Ainsley Harriot and Mr Tumble, surely the Bluebirds fans are immortal. Not forgetting that their current position (9th in the league, won 2, drawn 2, lost 1) is just two points less than this time two years ago which, you may or may not remember, is the season which saw them move into the Premier League for the first time ever. So, happy days are here again?

It would seem not, for a vocal majority of the fans. Though our defence seems to have shored up somewhat, though Kenwyne Jones is still joint second in the goal-scoring tables, and though our only loss has been against a tough Wolves side in a tight match with an unlucky goal in the last minute… the world has come to an end. Even when we’re winning, apparently, we’ll find something to complain about.

Speaking of the vocal majority, it would seem that they are giving the Cardiff City Stadium a wide berth so far this year and, on the occasions I’ve managed to make it down have been a fairly quiet bunch. Apart from the occasional chorus of “we’ll always be blue” there’s not much in the way of support unless Cardiff are currently on the ball and challenging the goal.

While it’s important to be behind the team then, in my opinion, it’s even more important to be behind your team at the times when they’re not in control. That applies both on the field and off. I know we’ve had a hard time of it lately in the press, and in the stadia but everybody knows it’s easy to sing when you’re winning. The best fans are the ones still singing when they’re 5-0 down on a wet Wednesday, and make no mistake, I know that most of the Cardiff fans are loyal, and fiercely passionate. I just wish that more would leave off the passiveness and lead the singing themselves.I promise, if I’m down there, I’ll be singing with you.

I’m not saying Ole will get us promoted. I am not saying that we’re going to be the best team ever and win all of our matches. I’m saying I’m behind the team, and the manager whether they’re winning, losing, or anything in between, for as long as they are Cardiff City FC. I think if more people stood up and let the team know this, we may really see some positive change, both from the players and from other fans.

My only hope is, that by the time I get back down there for the Middlesbrough game next month, that we can start to get behind the team more and show the boys on the pitch that, whatever the current political situation, we’re behind them win or lose… so everybody after me:  ♫ You are my Cardiff ♪ My only Cardiff…

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