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An Open Letter to Mr Vincent Tan

Dear Mr Tan,

Firstly, I hope this open letter finds you well and I would just like to let you know that I am not writing this as a joke, a jibe or in any way at your expense. I would very much appreciate you taking the time to read this letter from an abject nobody, and even more if you can find time in your busy schedule to respond. I hope you find no disrespect here at all, as in many ways I am a Tan Fan.

I for one, fully appreciate the amount of work, time and above all expenditure that you have put into our fine club. I recognise that your financial input has kept us above water and that without it there is every chance that our club would be either a lot smaller, or worse non-existent.

You may well already know the subject I am about to broach. I know that you have strong feelings for this and I respect that at the end of the day, as the owner of the club, this is your decision. However it would mean a lot to me if you would at least read this, and hear me out.

Our team was first brought together in the late 1800s as Riverside A.F.C., and far from being the sporting behemoth that we know today, it was simply a way of keeping the cricket team in shape outside of the regular season. When Cardiff reached city status in 1905, we were first refused a change in the club name to Cardiff City, as it was felt we were not playing enough professional football. We applied for the South Wales Amateur League in 1907 and were allowed to change our name one year later, and we became Cardiff City.

From that year, from the time we became Cardiff City, until 2012 we played in a blue home kit. That’s 104 years, over a century. There’s a lot of history there, and a lot of feeling. For a lot of us, our home colours are important, they define us and have done for many years. This is one of the reasons why, when you next take a seat at the Cardiff City Stadium you will see blue shirts filling the stands, blue scarves, blue hats.

It is not just the case of missing history that I believe is a problem. There are some fans who have accepted the identity change, and there are a lot who have not. The worst thing about this is the rift it has caused between the fans themselves. We should be able to stand together as one under the Cardiff City banner, but rebranding changes are causing fans to argue even with each other, which is never healthy for the ongoing support.

There may have been some discouraging words said regarding your dismissal of Malky Mackay, and some of that I think may well have been displaced resentment due to these changes. However now that the truth is out, many are willing to forgive and forget the event, in light of the evidence uncovered. In fact, a lot of fans have issued public apologies for their harsh language and hasty denouncement of yourself.

You have saved our club financially, you have dismissed staff honourably, to keep the Cardiff City name clean, one more change could well make you the hero that Cardiff City deserve and more importantly need. I know, that it is hard for somebody in the limelight such as yourself to go back on your ideals, and even more so when you have publicly stated that you wouldn’t. It takes a very strong person to be able to listen to the pleas of the public and let it influence their business plan, but I believe you have that strength. I know you have mentioned that this could be possible, if we return to the Premier League, but please understand the animosity that this uncertainty is causing even between City fans.

Please, for the club, to unite the fans once more and to be given the praise that you deserve for saving the bluebirds from administration. One change is all that is needed. It is the hardest one, I know, but it will also be the most rewarding for you both financially and spiritually. Three words from you are all that is needed to create more noise in the stadium that you have ever heard, and to bring back support in droves, both for the club and for yourself personally.

“Back To Blue”.

I hope that my fellow bluebirds will to write to you also, in letters both private or open. I would urge that they do so with respect and with no malice aforethought. We either stand together, or not at all.

Best Regards


Simon Rowland


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