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Dydd Llun Te 2014-08-09

UntitledHello and welcome to another installment of Monday tea, or Dydd Llun Te as we say over here in Wales. It’s been fairly quiet since a 1-1 draw with Fulham on the 30th due to the international break which saw many bluebirds gasping in fear as Mats Møller Dæhli was taken off due to injury in the England vs Norway game, which ended 1-0 in England’s favour.

Luckily, the 19 year old still seems to have plenty of running left in him and both he and the Norwegian national team have played down the injury, stating that it’s just a painful knock. Hopefully he should be back and match fit for us to host Norwich this coming Saturday.

Deadline day ended up being a fairly exciting one for us. I am terribly sad to see Hudson move over to Huddersfield. He was an excellent player for us and I will certainly miss him (he even made my First XI pick in last weeks Dydd Llun Te). Hopefully, our fans will continue to wish him well over in pastures new and give him a cheer or two when we visit them in  February’s return game.

We also had a couple come in, Manga for one but most exciting for me is Danny Gabbidon, back after almost a decade away from the club. He has signed a one year Player/Coach deal and I hope he can shore up our defence in Hudson’s place. It’ll be great to see him back in action for the bluebirds, even if things have changed a little since his departure.

While we’re here, today is the birthday for our very own, very loyal and very much loved Peter Whittingham. It;s doubtful he’ll read this but hope you have a good one Whitts, and looking forward to seeing you in action for a little while to come!

A brief trip up to see my dear old mum this weekend (she’s fine, thanks for asking) might seem a bit of an odd way to start any paragraph on a Cardiff City blog, especially as she lives in Shropshire, but while we were in town something caught my eye. I’ve liked to keep an eye on Shrewsbury Town FC since I was a lad, in fact the first ever match I went to was a STFC game with my best friend Tim and his dad… and the club made the sporting headlines of the Shropshire Star newspaper this weekend…


It seems the Shrewsbury Town fans have been in a similar kind of situation to our bluebirds for the past few years, and have had a new badge on their shirts since moving to their new stadium in 2007.

It would appear though, that the club themselves have been a little more proactive and actually propositioned their fans organisation (Shrewsbury Town Supporters’ Parliament) to canvas supporters to find how they felt about the changes.

Over 1,170 fans took part in the survey and a whopping 91.5% of them said they would rather go back to their old badge design, or have the fans included in the creation of a NEW badge, as they felt the current one (pictured above) “doesn’t link to [their] history.”

We can only hope that with continued support, the Cardiff City Supporters Club can keep fighting the good fight. I have actually written an Open Letter to Mr Vincent Tan which will hopefully be doing the rounds soon. Instead of just throwing words about on social media, I think it would be great if every Cardiff City Supporter could put pen to paper and take the time to write down their thoughts (in a clean and positive manner) and get these through to Mr Tan if they are able. Words on Facebook are all well and good, but if we can get thousands of letters delivered, maybe we too can have a return to our roots.


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