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An Interesting Few Days

It’s been an interesting few days for me. With my Open Letter To Mr Vincent Tan being well read and shared, and listening to the Norwich game from a hospital bed, setting off alarms, and watching a team with no direction lose 1-0 in a relatively quiet Cardiff city Stadium on Tuesday. I am reminded that in football, as in all walks of like, you have highs and lows. Cardiff City have certainly had both in the last few years but unfortunately we’ve only recently seen low points. There has been the odd glimmer of hope, beating Huddersfield 3-1 and a narrow victory against Wigan threw some light onto an otherwise disappointing season but unfortunately nothing to offset the poor performances and sense of apathy from some players.

So much so, it seems that today it has been announced (as we were expecting at the ‘crisis talks’ yesterday) that Ole Gunnar Solskjær has stepped down from the management position and will no longer have any input. Though it has been a long time coming, I will still miss Ole. He came to our city and he tried his best. I may not have agreed with his methods but I think it has to be obvious that he did what he could, though this stepping down has come a little too late for a large number of fans.

There were many things I was disappointed to see when I went to watch the Boro game on Tuesday night. I was hoping for the turnaround promised after a lackluster home tie with Norwich on Saturday (made even worse by the fact that I was listening to it in hospital and the blood pressure monitor was making some disconcerting sounds), and I was let down. I was hoping to see the team push forward and at least dominate possession, and I was let down. I was hoping to see the fans acting with dignity and self respect… and I was let down.

I sat in the same stands as these folks, I watched the same players playing the same game. Yes, I was appalled with what I saw and had my head in my hands most of the game, I don’t blame any fan for feeling a little animosity after such a poor display. What I do not expect on the other hand, is for our fans to hurl personal insults at our manager as he is clapping the players off the pitch. A few boos, not my style but I don’t blame you, but the F-ing and blinding that went on with respect to Ole Gunnar personally I want no part in, and I want to make it clear that I want no link with that section of the ‘Fandom’, if you can call it that.

Moving forward, there were strong rumours going around that we were approaching Dundee manager Paul Hartley, who turned down the opportunity, prefering to stay with the long game plan up in Scotland. The fans favourite choice has to be Tony Pulis, but he has said that he’s not been approached, and that he’d rather stay in the Premier League. So with the matter up in the air, for the moment at least, returning hero Danny Gabbidon teams up with  Scott Young to look over things before Saturday’s Derby County, who are unbeaten in four games.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see where we go from here, with talks apparently lined up with a potential new manager tomorrow we may have more news very soon.

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