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Dydd Llun Te 22-09-14

Welcome back to another installment of Monday Tea. We are still embroiled in the search for our new manager here at Cardiff City, a process which which has led to many dubious, or at least controversial approaches. The first in the limelight was Dundee boss Paul Hartley, who turned down the Bluebirds in favour of playing the long game in his current position. There have been a number of bookie’s favourites since, though the next approach seems to have been made to Russell Slade of League One side Leyton Orient.

Cardiff fans seem to be split on this decision, quite understandably. Slade has been fairly lauded by some of the Orient fans for saving them from relegation and last year narrowly missed promotion to the Championship, on penalties. A lot of Bluebirds supporters are saying that he may not have what it takes, playing a league above his current standing (and one he’s never managed in before).

For me, his awards and fan applause say a lot. Three Manager of the Month awards, and a Manager of the Year award, while won in a lower league, are not unimportant. His fans have given him credit for being a great man manager, and inspiring confidence and passion in his players.  It’s a touchy one, and certainly a throw of the dice for Vincent Tan, who has put himself in charge of finding Ole Gunnar’s replacement. Is it a gamble which would pay off, only time will tell on that one.

In the meantime, before anything is official and the paperwork signed, Scott Young and Danny Gabbidon will be in charge again it seems, certainly for tomorrow’s cup game against fellow mid table 9 pointers AFC Bournemouth. Though we’re level on points so far this season, this is a game that the fans will be expecting to win. One thing I’m very interested to find out, is how many changes will be made to the squad from Saturday’s disappointing draw against Derby County.

Disappointing, I say, only because of the diminished two goal lead. I think if we’d drawn away at Pride Park 0-0 after the second half picked up, we would have been fairly happy. As it stands though, many are gutted that we “threw away” a two point lead. Fingers have been pointed at the lack of managerial experience, changing a midfielder for a forward when we’re already winning 2-0, and I think does fall into that category. Inexperience, a little disappointing, but not unforgivable certainly.

We’ve spoken many times on here about consistency and the need for a solid starting XI. I am wondering whether Young and Gabbidon might start to pull in that ethos now, and give the team the stability that everybody is calling for… Though that would never be complete without a confirmed manager.

I think either way, which ever direction we are taken in, there will likely be a few fans who want to speak out and make sure that everybody knows they think it’s the ‘Wrong Decision’. When you get right down to it though, the right decision can only ever be known in hindsight. Up or down, or somewhere in the middle, before the final whistle blows it’s just important to be a Bluebird. Negativity breeds negativity and we’ve had more than enough of that for one lifetime.

We have the most loyal and passionate fans you could ask for here in the Capitol, and we’re all pretty outspoken and forthright as well. Whoever comes in, be it Jones, Slade, or Pulis, they will need the fans backing and will get nowhere without it. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and some time at least. Remember, we’re all on the same team.

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